Motivate your gym's clients.

RocketJourney is an app that motivates your clients to keep attending the gym.

and many more..

The goal is to keep an exercise streak alive.


Exercise at least 3 days per week to increase your streak.

If you don’t, you’ll lose your streak.

Earn ★ cheat days to maintain your streak on lazy weeks.

Week after week, of those who started the same week as you, see how many keep their streak alive.

You just have to stick a Beacon* to a wall inside your gym.

Your clients will advance in the challenge every day they enter the gym.

The client's phone will detect the Beacon automatically when he or she enters the gym.

* A Beacon is a device that broadcasts bluetooth signals that are detected by the client's phone at a distance.

Groups are the strongest motivator.

Members of a group can see each other's status, chat, share photos, etc.

When a group member enters the gym, everyone receives a notification.

💡Protip: Trainers can create groups with clients to carry a more effective communication.

Find out how your clients are doing.

Find out who visited yesterday or who visited more last month.

Also see the individual status of your clients in the challenge.

What are RocketJourney users saying?

Jose C.

Please register my 2 attendances from this week before I downloaded the app. I can't allow my wife to beat me in the game haha!

Casilda G.

We did a bet of going to the gym 6 months, 5 times a week [...]

Miguel E.

[...] it has helped me stay motivated going to the gym every day, and also my friends are getting motivated because we created a group.

Gustavo G.

I love the app. I have a group with friends in Mexico City, as well as here in Guadalajara. It's very cool.

Luisa H.

[…] we are having a lot of fun with the app!! We set rewards and consequences hahahah.

Mariana P.

RocketJourney has definitely helped me stay on track, it's not the same to "calculate" how consistent you've been, than to see it objectively.

Daniel M.

And yeah, the app has really helped stay on track, great idea!

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